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Learning from the book ‘Scaling Up: Excellence’

By Mehedi Shamim | 14 Jun, 2024

Learning from the book ‘Scaling Up: Excellence’

This book offers practical and effective strategies to help you achieve success. I particularly appreciate the comparison between ‘Catholic’ and ‘Buddhist’ approaches to creating a company culture. The concept of spreading processes like Catholicism or Buddhism is intriguing. Catholicism represents a rigid, uniform approach, whereas Buddhism stands for fluidity and adaptable principles that can be implemented in diverse ways. While some organizations may benefit from enforcing uniformity, many successful companies adopt the Buddhist style. They establish core values, purpose, vision, and culture, letting the people in the company drive the implementation.


One fascinating concept I took away from the book 'Scaling Up: Excellence' is the idea of a premortem strategy. Imagine this: the team splits into two groups after making a decision. One group imagines the decision as a tremendous success, and the other group visualizes it as a huge failure. By exploring the factors that led to these outcomes, the team can craft a strategic plan for moving forward with the decision. It's like having a crystal ball to predict potential paths and drive toward success!

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