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Optimizing the Follow-Up Process and Understanding the Buyer's Emotional Journey

By Mehedi Shamim | 23 Nov, 2023

Optimizing the Follow-Up Process and Understanding the Buyer's Emotional Journey

In most cases, sales presentations often conclude with the prospect expressing some form of hesitation, such as ‘OK, let me think about that.’ Based on studies, it has been found that 44 percent of salespeople choose to follow up only once before giving up. Additionally, these same studies indicate that a significant 60 percent of customers tend to say ‘No’ four times before finally expressing a ‘Yes.’

Consider this: if you lack an effective system for follow-up, you are essentially reducing your potential results by half. Alternatively, if you enhance your follow-up process, you have the opportunity to double your sales. It becomes evident that the true value lies within your Follow-Up system, which holds the key to maximizing your returns. 

‘Follow Up and Close The Sale’ by Jeff Shore is a book that focuses on understanding the emotional journey of a buyer and providing effective service to meet their needs. The book highlights the importance of identifying the buyer's problems in order to offer a solution and implementing timely follow-up to successfully close the deal.

One key point made in the book is that the emotional motivation of a buyer to make a purchase is often short-lived. Therefore, sales professionals must take prompt action to capitalize on this motivation and close the sale. Unlike average salespeople who typically follow up only twice, top sales professionals persistently follow up to ensure a smooth sale.

The book also emphasizes the importance of overcoming personal resistance. Salespeople are encouraged to build connections with clients by actively engaging with them, taking notes during meetings, and demonstrating attentiveness. This helps make clients feel valued and cared for. Prioritizing face-to-face meetings as the first choice and then phone follow-ups is recommended to establish a personal connection and build trust.

The author also advises salespeople to maintain communication even after receiving a negative response. Situations and needs can change over time, and a buyer who initially rejects a product may find it essential in the future. Therefore, it is important to keep the buyer informed about any updates or changes and foster a positive relationship through regular communication.

Another concept discussed in the book is the importance of streamlining buyer options. Buyers tend to eliminate options that are not memorable or appear complex. Sales professionals should focus on presenting choices that are easy to understand and remember, increasing the chances of a successful sale.

Overall, ‘Follow Up and Close The Sale’ provides valuable insights into the strategies and techniques sales professionals can employ to effectively follow up with clients, build trust, and close deals. Consistency in follow-up, prompt and personalized responses, and understanding the emotional journey of the buyer are key principles emphasized in this book.


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