About Mehedi Shamim

Having a long time of voluntary working experience in INGOs, Mehedi has worked for Media, Startup, RMG Industry, Group of Companies, and eCommerce and owned a digital marketing agency in Dhaka. He worked in cultural organizations for a long time. He co-founded a couple of social service organizations. Mehedi is a brand and digital marketing professional and loves to write and recite. He published several books and now works in a leading position to establish brands and businesses in the market.

Life Event

7 JULY 1993


Born in New Town, Madaripur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

January, 1998

Enrolled Udoyar Path

Enrolled Udoyar Path, Lake Par Madaripur. Wrote and published his first rhymes.


Performed his first recitation on stage.


Unicef Journey

Child Repoter

Joined Unicef as a child reporter. Wrote and Published his first reports on Child Express and Location Newspaper.


Trainig Session


Participated several times in different training sessions on writing, reporting, and presentation skills.


Started using a mobile phone.


Shilpokola Academy and Udici Shilpi Ghosti

First Join

Joined Shilpokola Academy and Udici Shilpi Ghosti to learn acting and recitation. After learning the history of Bangladesh, he started writing about it. He got in touch with technology this year and started using the computer.

December, 2008

Theatre show on stage


Performed his first theatre show on stage. ‘Payer Aowaj Paowa Jay by Syed Shamsul Huq’. Then performed more than 20 different theatre shows. Theatre makes him a leader, creative thinker and politically conscious..


The daily bislesion

News Editor

Joined The daily bislesion as News Editor. And co-founded a recitation organization named ‘Udvash’. Enrolled in the book reading community ‘Bissow Shahitto Kendro’. Read more than a hundred books. Explored Bengali literature and philosophical books. He has started publishing a little magazine titled ‘Michil’.


TIB Journey

YES (Youth Engagement and Support) Member

Joined TIB as YES (Youth Engagement and Support) Member. Started a social movement against corruption. Performed lots of street theatre shows to create awareness among the root and urban people. Get opportunities to learn about ‘Media for Safe Migration’ from IOM. Become the team leader of the YES group. TIB helps him to learn how to engage people to solve common problems, and how to think smartly in any situation. He started participating in different debate competitions.


Othocho Akjon Diaries

Awarded Winner

Awarded for an outstanding short story titled ‘Othocho Akjon Diaries’.Enrolled in the most beautiful university of Bangladesh- Jahangirnagar University in the Public Administration Department. Moved to Dhaka. Started living alone. Awarded for the inter university best debater award.


The Daily Kaler Kontha

Feature Reporter

Joined The Daily Kaler Kontha as a feature writer and translator. Wrote and translated more than two hundred features. And Joined again YES group in the cretral team. Learned web development.


International Academy of Film and Media


Joined International Academy of Film and Media. Over there he organized more than twenty training/workshops and film festivals. He co-founded Madaripur social service club, under the club he was the part of implementation of different projects titled as Project Natun Jama, Project Schooling, Project Ushnota, and Project Forwarding. In this stage he has started giving back to the community. Through those initiatives, he touched more than 6 thousand children. Some get school bags to carry his/her educational materials to school, some children get warm clothes in the winter, and some other children get new dresses for their festival celebration.


Bodher Breaking News

Book Published

Published his first poetry book titled ‘Bodher Breaking News’. It was full of political thoughts. Some words trigger power, corruption, inhumanity and some other words trigger the inner self of our mind. And then he started content marketing.


96.4 Spice FM

Full time Job

Joined a full-time job at 96.4 Spice FM as a Program Producer. Over there he has started doing professional digital marketing. He was part of the new digital radio in Bangladesh. Completed his graduation from Jahangirnagar University in Public Administration.


Completed post graduation from the same university in the same subject.


Cholo Chitrar Nam Bangladesh

Second Book

Published his second book titled ‘Cholo Chitrar Nam Bangladesh’.


Tolpitolpar Golpo

Third Book

Published his third book titled ‘Tolpitolpar Golpo’ Joined MBM group as Business Development & CSR Manager. Married the most beautiful mind in the world. First time travelling to India.



Brand Category Head

Joined the largest electronic & electric brand Walton as Brand Category Head. First time travelling to Malaysia.


Founded Tailor Marketing


Founded a digital marketing agency named Tailor Marketing Ltd. and Joined a vibrant startup Jobike limited as Marketing Manager. Co-founded ACT Foundation Bangladesh. It leverages technology, community-driven solutions, and collaboration to transform & accelerate education, social services, art & culture, and research & innovations.


Jobike Limited

Marketing Manager

Joined a vibrante startup Jobike limited as Marketing Manager. Jobike is a bicycle sharing system serving the cities of Dhaka, Chittagong and Cox's Bazar.


Abdul Momen Ltd

Head of Business

Joined a group of companies Abdul Monem Ltd. as Marketing Manager for an E-commerce project, B2B Business titled AIIM Global, and BPO service company titled as ServicEngine Ltd. And then promoted to Head of Business for an E-commerce project titled SNEHO.


First time Visit Thailand


I visited Thailand on 2021 for the first time and was amazed by its vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and delicious food. From the temples and street food of Bangkok to the beaches of the south and jungles of the north, Thailand is truly unforgettable.


Joined Jahangirnagar University as Guest Faculty

Guest Faculty

Joining Jahangirnagar University as a guest faculty was a wonderful opportunity for me. The campus is beautiful with a serene natural environment, and the faculty and staff are professional, welcoming, and helpful. Working with students was an amazing experience as their eagerness to learn and participate in discussions made teaching a joy. I enjoyed the cultural exchange and the opportunity to learn from my colleagues, as well as sharing my own knowledge and experiences.


Joined Apex Property as Head of Brand, Marketing and Strategy

Marketing and Strategy

Joining Apex Property as the Head of Brand, Marketing, and Strategy has been a thrilling experience. The company has a strong vision for the future, and I am excited to lead the marketing and branding efforts while developing and implementing strategic plans. The team is dynamic and passionate, and I am looking forward to contributing to their growth and success.


First time Visit Nepal


My first to Nepal was an incredible experience. From historic temples in Kathmandu to trekking through the Himalayas, Nepal's natural beauty and welcoming people left me with unforgettable memories.