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Intelligent Decision-Making: Integrating Values in Entrepreneurship

By Mehedi Shamim | 14 Jun, 2024

Intelligent Decision-Making: Integrating Values in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs should make decisions based on both their intelligence and their values. Here's what that means for your business: Your intelligence helps you analyze opportunities, while your values guide which opportunities you decide to pursue.


For example:

When launching a new product:

- Your intelligence assesses market demand.

- Your values ensure that the product solves a real problem, provides a meaningful experience, and brings delight.


When hiring new team members:

- Your intelligence evaluates skills and experience.

- Your values prioritize cultural fit, passion, and the potential for the team to help the company reach its goals.


Our decisions shouldn't just be about intelligence; they should also be influenced by our values, which are shaped by our intelligence. Intelligence is a useful tool, but it doesn't make the decisions by itself. Your values drive your entrepreneurial journey. A business is a manifestation of one's values.

Have you recently made a business decision that was guided by your values?


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