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Challenges and Strategies for Managing Brand Reputation Post-Data Breach

By Mehedi Shamim | 10 Jan, 2024

Challenges and Strategies for Managing Brand Reputation Post-Data Breach

From a Bangladeshi perspective, managing a brand reputation after a data breach presents unique challenges compared to other countries. In our context, social media and influencers pose the most significant threat. Identifying the key influencers is crucial, as every event creates new influential figures. The widespread availability of the internet and smartphones not only aids in expanding businesses but also poses significant risks.


As a brand custodian, the initial approach should mirror that of other countries: transparency and a clear, assertive statement are paramount, tailored to your specific situation and marketing strategy.


However, the subsequent steps differ. Following the initial statement, it is advisable to refrain from further communication on the topic. While the focus remains on the issue internally, outward communication channels and social media handles should maintain silence. Avoid engaging with or reacting to external opinions. Instead, promote the initial statement, ensuring it functions as a strategic content and campaign. Consistently reiterate the perspective of the statement, highlighting various views, actions, and the brand's prior work. Maintain a high level of consistency in the statement, but refrain from excessive posting.


Eventually, the goal is to shift focus away from the incident and continue posting strategic content, subtly referencing the incident. This approach allows for the eventual fading of the issue in the midst of any new trending topics in social media. If new issues arise, they are likely to overshadow the previous incident. If not, continue posting positive content without engaging in battles with influencers, which could further tarnish the brand's reputation.