Young Nite- ATN NEWS | Project Natun Jama | Mehedi Shamim | Sadat Hossain | 20 JUNE 2017

By Mehedi Shamim | 21 Nov, 2021

Eid is all about having new dresses and stuff for the children. Children always love new dresses for them to celebrate Eid day. But it's a matter of great sorrow that some of them in our society do not get new dresses to celebrate the festival. Especially poor, street and slum children are mostly deprived of it due to financial crisis. Most of the street children are not living with their families. Most of the slum dwellers earn very little amount of money. So they are not able to buy new dresses for their family members.


Out of humanity and a sense of responsibility some university going students formed a club named Madaripur Social Service Club (MSSC) in 2013 and took an initiative to buy new dresses for the poor and street children in the district before Eid day. The initiative was named "Project Natun Jama." About 21 children got new dresses before Eid Ul-Fitr and another 100 got new dresses before Eid Ul-Adha that year. Then in 2014 and this year, the club distributed new dresses to around 486 underprivileged children in the region before the biggest religious festivals of Muslims.